A Pastel Baby Shower

A few hours after Eva’s 1st Birthday, we headed home. My in-laws were throwing us a baby shower/ going away party (despedida) and the mini-reunion pretty much continued in the comforts of our own home. As¬†if the goodies earlier weren’t more than enough, they had a whole new set of cupcakes, cake pops, cookies and a personalized cake just for Spriki, I mean Cassie. ūüėÄ Thanks mami for coming up with this get together and thanks Pauline for organizing this whole thing!


The cute little pastel invitation for the baby shower


Spriki’s little corner. Thanks Angel for putting up the party pom poms! ūüėÄ


Baby Pastel Goodies



The “Spriki” blocks just made this cake cuter than ever. I love this so much Pauline, thanks!


These cake pops remind me of baby blocks and baby rattles




Personalized Hand Sanitizer with Moisturizer were the giveaways for the baby shower. I still can’t get over the “Spriki”, haha. Aren’t these handy?


Let the games begin. ūüôā


Even the yarn they used for the game was pastel ūüôā


Guess the Girth Game


Sophia making her guess.¬†Hahaha…


Match the Baby Socks Game



George preparing the lechon yumminess


Thanks for all the presents ladies



And most importantly thanks for your presence



On one last note, balancing a cupcake on your belly is a talent. Haha.


Eva’s Ice Cream Party

This little baby decided to spend her 1st birthday here in the Philippines (Bacolod to be specific) and coincidentally Marco and I were really planning to be there around that time. It was quite a family affair, a mini reunion if I must say. Here are a few snippets from her Mint/ Baby Pink Themed Ice Cream Party. DROOL.

The Venue Set up (thanks Nans for the photo)

The Birthday Girl and her family— Tito Tommy, Rachel, Sophia and Eva

“All you need is Ice Cream”

Cute little frames with Eva’s photos as center pieces

The 2 “Pilars” hosting the event once more

“Make your own ice cream” stand

…And here’s Sophia showing off her creation

w/ Abu Viol this time around

I love this candid photo of Abu, Ninang Ito and Cali

The “Babies” Table. As you can see they’re busy coloring. ūüėÄ

Just had to take a photo.

Not only was this good, it was also in theme. Haha, Thanks Pia!

The mommy and the birthday girl

We had nowhere to hang the¬†patin…

Improvisation. The key is to have two tall guys hold up the pabitin for the kids, Hans and Nacho to the rescue.

Scurrying for candies, chocolates, coins and such

Standing (or should I say sitting) still in the chaos

Favorite tita Pica? Need I say more.

Handing out the give aways

Btw, thanks to Mariana Lopa and Angel Lopa for some of the photos! I can’t seem to figure out¬†where I saved my shots on the details of the party including the delectable invite. I’ll update this post once I get a hold of ’em.¬†Enjoy!


Hello, 2015!


¬†HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!!! Pig-out season is officially over, it’s time to head to the gym and work on those New Year’s resolutions. Some of you will be out of the gym in a week or two anyway…haha.

This isn’t much as a first post for 2015, I was hoping I’d start this year with a bang but I’m still slowly easing my way into this new life ahead so please bear with me. I honestly thought I’d be able to catch up on pending posts from 2014 before the year ended, clearly that wasn’t the case—so much for starting this year with a clean slate. Oh well…

The holidays were a bit different for me this season,¬†last year I was in Houston, single, doing LDR with my fianc√© and I was busy shopping gifts and helping my siblings shop for gifts, I was wrapping my presents¬†and everyone else’s. Mom and I did the usual brainstorming for the theme of our Christmas tree, Pop did his usual OC thing with the Christmas lights, I was busy driving around juggling work, Christmas parties and choir practice. ¬†I also did my usual thing where I forced everyone in the family to dress “accordingly” (hahaha).


This year I found myself celebrating my¬†first ever Christmas as a married woman. It’s been 7 years since I last spent the holidays here in the Philippines and it was strange yet wonderful to be celebrating it with new family—my in-laws. Marco and I were pretty much done with our Christmas shopping around mid- September, the Christmas trees in both LaVista and Alabang had their own stylist¬†and the manangs put up the decorations. I didn’t have to drive around, it was always Marco or the¬†manongs¬†who’d drive us for Christmas shopping or Christmas errands. I couldn’t get over the fact that I wasn’t¬†going to cross out “Papa Froi” or “Mama Beth” or my siblings on my ( I should really start saying “our”, huh?) Christmas list.


Anyway,¬†my Houston Family..if you’re reading this, know that I AM MISSING YOU ALL SO MUCH. I miss you so much that I even gave in and made my own SnapChat account. (Ugh.) Send my love to our doggies, Todd and Oreo.¬†Just consider this Christmas a break from me, haha, next year I’m bringing back my bossy self to Houston and y’all won’t have a say with our Christmas Tree theme and what to wear on Christmas day. I love you, love you, love you! ¬†I’ll see you in a few months. <crossing fingers>


On another note, here’s my first #OOTD for the year 2015

….mostly presents from the in-laws.¬†They know my taste, haha. Thanks mami!

(DRESS: Reversible; from Mami/ PURSE: neon floral clutch; from Mami/ SANDALS: braided thongs; American Eagle Outfitters/ EARRINGS: gold hoops; from Mami/ NECKLACE: gold flower statement necklace; from Mommy Babe/ CUFF: gold with white faux leather strap; Terranova, P120 on sale)


A Day In the Family Farm

I remember coming here almost every Sunday when grandmy was still alive. She, Dada and Mita always looked forward to a relaxing and peaceful Sunday in the farm. Fresh air, no electronics, good food, fried bananas and fried kamote,¬†what more could you ask for. I miss you so much grandmy, wish you can see the kids enjoying the farm…it’s their first time here.

Papi Ros and Grandy Joe meeting us as we enter the main house.

Hi Grandmy!

Preparing for lunch

The extension house, mita bo’s lair. haha.

Inside the extension house

Outside the extension house

The gate to the broilers is right across the farm

We’re missing one pair, somebody a.k.a Ann Marie didn’t bring her blue brogues.

First time we’re visiting the family farm as Mr. and Mrs.

Here is today’s #OOTD:

(TOP: crop top,Metro Ayala Cebu, P99/ SHORTS: high waist, thrifted/ SUNGLASSES: round frames, Jatujak Bangkok/ SHOES: perforated brogues, 579)

We were heading out real early to the family farm and you could say I was running a bit late so I had to grab the most comfortable outfit I could find…you can never go wrong with a croptop and washed out denim shorts, this outfit was literally a grab-wear and go.

I originally bought these 90’s inspired croptop to use for working out. I usually like them loose and comfortable when I’m jogging so I bought two of these (of course in different designs) for P90/each at a local mall here in the Philippines, that’s roughly US$2/each , but you can practically get them anywhere.

I might have¬†showed too much skin but I didn’t care too much because I was amongst family plus I needed the ‘ventilation’…hot hot day today.

¬†And I usualy dislike it when my outfit is drab and dull so I opted to wear my red brogues to add some color. Besides it’s always best to wear closed shoes in the farm…you never know what you’re going to step on (mud and manure).


Destination: Cebu,Philippines

Cebu will always have a special place in my heart, the city that fashioned a million and one of my fondest childhood memories, the city that taught me to dream. In it’s streets I look for that surge of familiarity but I see nothing, just remnants of my past. The feeling of being a stranger in your own home is indescribable—it’s a bit painful. But seeing the people that I love and the people that I grew up with make up for that sadness I feel every time I go “home”.Clearly, I missed out a lot and I can’t say that I know my “home” anymore but maybe one day, if given the chance Cebu will feel like home again. Maybe.


Here are random photos of my stay in Cebu:

(more photos on Faecbook)

Wine Night at La Vie. They were right, the ambiance is lovely.

Quickly, spot my old Nokia flip phone.:)

Great company—although half the time I was mixing my Cebuano, Tagalog and English. Thanks Gels, Thanks Jau for wine night in Cebu. (and to think I’m supposedly the one from here, right?)

After the crazy traffic, we finally checked in at White Sands. Dinner with Ninang Ofel, Papa Berns and Mama Joy.

Our room for the night

…And by the way Gels, we found your chocolate. CEBU, baby!

Childhood Memories: White Sands

The much needed Rest and Relaxation while waiting for my ride

Being a loner in Cebu while my fiance was studying for his board exams

The new section of White Sands that I haven’t seen before where I spent most of my time swimming—alone. Haha.

Random Sunday Lunch out with the Family at Lantaw. Thanks Mommy and Daddy!

Lami-a uy. 

My Cebu Family (mom’s side): The Tabaquero- Odilaos

The Traditional Philippine Jeep de Pasahero

After Lantaw, we had a side trip to the Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod

My grandparents…after more than 50 years they still are the sweetest.

Outside San Pedro Calungsod— Notice the very modern architectural design of this chapel.

First time I got to see my Cebu lovies at Kei and Nino’s Engagement Party.

<Lon, Ating, Dadz, Me, Kei and Kat with the boys Paul and Waning>

Tyns, Bani, Dadz and I—Dinner at Casino Espanol.

When dinner became wine night at Casino Espanol. Nothing beats childhood friends

<Kabs, Tyns, Dadz, Me, Bani and Macho>

Ongoing repairs outside the Cathedral. Praying that they’re done by the time of the wedding.

The inside of the Cathedral on a regular day.

Outside Ayala Center Mall, where we usually hang out on Saturdays. I almost didn’t recognize it, it’s changed so much.

Pagdaong Sa Talisay: Where the Americans docked in 1945 which eventually lead to the freedom of the City of Cebu and the surrender of the Japanese. Funny how the locals treat this place like dirt, so much for Philippine History.