Who is “Spriki”?

(SHORTS: Tomato/ TOP: Kimono top from the Alabang Hills Bazaar/ PURSE: Mustard Sling from my sisters/ SHOES: Peeptoe Cut-outs from 168)

Still fit my clothes at 14 weeks

Happy momma-to-be

Looks like a beer belly to me. haha.

Wasn’t really sure if I was up for posting maternity OOTDs but I guess I’m giving them a try. Can’t predict when my hormones are planning to act up either so I am not going to be pressuring myself to take OOTDs every week just to monitor my pregnancy bump. Speaking of the size of my bump, I’ve gotten a lot of feedback already saying I’m showing a bit earlier than expected but my OB says its normal for petite girls to show so early in the pregnancy. Thank God I didn’t go through the vomiting phase either, yes I’ve wanted to puke a few times or so but I guess I’m more disgusted with the thought of vomit so I just don’t do it, hahaha. So far this pregnancy has been kind to me although I’m not going to lie, I dread the scary changes in my body thanks to the horror stories of some of the mothers that I’ve talked to, I guess I am vain after all.I am sooooo not looking forward to the stretch marks, darkening of the neck, darkening of the underarms, belly button popping out, swollen extremities, swollen nose and that dark linea nigra on my belly but as long as my baby is safe and healthy then I really don’t mind at all.

Right now we don’t know the gender of the baby yet so my husband has resorted to calling our baby a  disgustingly funny name that caught on. It started out with us picking names for our baby and Marco, being the funny guy that he is started blurting out stupid made up names like “Kapitan Love”. Well, he started calling our baby with one of those “stupid names”—“Spriki” and because he just kept saying it over and over again I found myself calling him/her that name too. So now the entire household has joined in the name calling, from siblings, cousins, friends, our manangs , even our parents sometimes call the baby “Spriki” so “Spriki” it is until we find out his/her gender. Hahaha, you are a very loved baby, “Spriki”. Btw, “Spriki” is short for “Sprikitik” and if you get a chance to find out what that Filipino slang means, just don’t bother (seriously, I mean it).

P.S. If she’s a girl, Sandro and Pilica says we should call her “Sprikitika”. Guh-reat! 😀


Floral Flair

(TOP: Lace; Wet Seal/ PANTS: White Denim; Wet Seal/ PURSE: floral; Vera Bradley/ SHOES: lasercut peeptoes; Ross/ BRACELETS: colored macrame; Walmart and Catholic Charm Bracelet; made by Vynna/ NECKLACE: statement; Burlington Coat Factory/ RINGS: Forever 21)

Yes, I am loving colors today, even my lips are colored in bright pink. 🙂

The macrame bracelets I have on are NOT Cruciani by the way. You can call them imitations but I just think they’re the generic ones.  I wasn’t ready to pay $5.50 for one and that’s just the cheapest one I found on Ebay. I think in Barney’s New York the prices start at $18 per bracelet. I understand they’re made in Italy and for all I know the real ones look better and fit better than the ones I have but I’d rather feed a bunch of kids on the street instead of splurging on a bunch of these, no offense meant. In the Philippines that would range from P250-P800+ per bracelet. Btw, I got 12 of these in different colors and designs from the clearance section of Walmart. I got them for $0.25-$0.50—that’s around P11-P22 in pesos, now that I can do. #practicality #bargainshopper #thrifter

My 1st ever Vera Bradley purse ℅ the Babas Family. Rico got my name during our Kris Cringle and this is what he got me. I truly love it, thanks so much!

From yesterday’s ensemble; I think these pair are easily becoming a favorite of mine.