The South Reclamation Project Engagement Shoot

Here are 15 shots from the second part of our Engagement Shoot.  I decided not to slack off and post them a few days before going back to Manila. Currently in CDO right now for one of my best friend’s wedding—I’ll be raving about her wedding soon on this blog.


Location: SRP

Photographer: Mark Cantalejo

Hair and Makeup: Ramil Solis

I could have easily put “SRP Engagement Shoot” as a title for this post but for some reason when I kept repeating it to myself, it sounded so tacky. “South Reclamation Project” sounded more legit…more regal. When Mark Cantalejo suggested this place as our venue for the second shoot I was down for it, I was down for anything and I trusted him completely but I found myself thinking,”Wait, where’s this again?”. You see, this road is like our go-to highway…To me and my family, SRP is really just the quickest way to get to Cebu City proper if you’re someone like us, from Talisay (South of Cebu). Mark described the place where he wanted to shoot and I easily knew which structure he was talking about. I’ve passed by it so many times and never knew what it was until he brought it up, apparently this area was government property and on it was a government building where by the way, we asked for our permit to shoot. The process was simple and hassle-free, a few days before the shoot I simply went into the building, told them what I wanted to do and they just had me fill up 2 slips, they signed it and handed one back to me. Easy.

Once again, we were not ready for this shoot, if you’ve noticed we only changed our outfits once and mind you, one of those two outfits was what I was wearing as I was running errands for that day. It wasn’t so hot as we expected it would be but Marco was sweating anyway. I really was impressed with how the photos turned out, it didn’t show the sweatiness and ickiness and the bug bites and the itchiness of it all. We could have fooled ourselves looking so relaxed, so calm and serene in those photos. And Mark, you really are the real thing! You just made a slob of a place look like paradise, you truly see the beauty beyond what is there. I’m telling you, if y’all visited the place, you’d be like ” Woah, they had the shoot here?” Shout out to Mami Ramil and company for making me beautiful that day and for the sweat proof makeup. Haha. Kudos to you and Mark Cantalejo!


50’s Cafe Engagement Shoot

Here are 15 shots from the first part of our Engagement Shoot. Enjoy! I’ll be finishing up on the next batch of photos next week.


Location: Fifties Cafe at Crown Regency Towers

Photographer: Mark Cantalejo

Hair and Makeup: Ramil Solis


Not prepared—that was the last thing I wanted to be for the Engagement shoot but what do you know, we were NOT prepared at all. The first time we met with Marky at Starbucks Ayala Center-Cebu, Marco and I were unsure of what we wanted for the shoot. We were so preoccupied with other wedding preparations that we ended up putting this aside. We had some ideas but they were never final until we got to talk to our photographer. Marky helped us come up with pegs for the shoot and he also suggested a few locations that would be good for our “theme”. Another problem was the apparel and I think that was what frustrated me the most. I have my closet just sitting there in Houston while I didn’t know where to get clothes here in Cebu; Marco on the other hand just didn’t have anything at all that he could pass off as vintage or 50’s.  But with Mark’s expertise and Mami Ramil’s magic touch, we were able to pull off a good shoot considering that we were limited in our change of clothes. Thank God, it all worked out in the end.

Btw, here’s the Engagement Shoot AVP that Mark Cantalejo showed on our wedding day.


Circa 1900 Rehearsal Dinner

Family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs; the ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what.


As I’ve mentioned in some of my posts from before, another favorite pastime of mine is looking at old, historical houses. In a heart beat I would pick Circa 1900 as a perfect place for the rehearsal dinner not only because of the fact that they wonderfully restored this old Spanish-Cebuano house to a charming white capacious beauty but also because Circa 1900 is know for their delicious and exquisite dishes and drinks, you tend to see a bunch of unique exciting ones on the menu like the Iba shake and malunggay ice cream for starters. The function room found below the house was just right for the 100 guests who came that night, thank you Adrian (and the rest of the staff) of Circa 1900 for accommodating us, helping us out with the menu and scheduling our taste test. Even with the lack of preparation in my part, the pre-wedding dinner turned out to be such  a wonderful and memorable affair for both sides.


 The Rehearsal Dinner invitations I made online ℅  Wedding Chicks (they were just sent out electronically). Do check their website and click on the link for more free downloadable templates. DIY made easy, don’t you just love DIY-ing?


Circa 1900 at night.

photo ℅


Circa 1900 is fairly hidden so to those who might want to visit them, here’s the map that we also just found in google to help our guests get there.


Since we failed to take photos of the buffet presentation during the rehearsal dinner, here are some photos of the menu that we picked during our taste test a few days prior to the eventful night.


Appetizer: Japanese Maki Rolls with Tuna, Salmon, Crabstick, Egg, Mango and Vegetables

Salad: Italian salad with Toast andGrilled Vegetables, Mozzarella Cubes, Tomato, Arugula and Pesto

Pasta: Angel Hair Pasta with Chorizo, Shrimps, Chili, Garlic, Red Onion, Olives and Tomato

Main Dish: Chicken Legs and Thighs with Cocodobo Sauce (must try!!!) and the Cripsy Fried Beef Ribs Tadyang

Vegetables: Wok-Fried Asian Vegetables with Beansprouts, Oyster Sauce and Sesame Seeds

Dessert: Maja Blanca Cheesecake & Blueberry Date and Chocolate Chip Crumble Pie


Nervous Smiles. Wedding Jitters, I suppose. Haha


Odilao sisters (missing Tita Gands)— with Ninang Ofel and Mom


Ramas & Odilao sisters— Mita Bo, Mita Wee, Mom and Ninang Ofel

Dadz reunited with the mitas, it’s like Houston all over again.


with Waning and Dadz


Marco and I with the bestest girlfriends from U.P—Jem and Gela. We missed you, Andy!






The Odilaos (mom’s side)


The Ramases (pop’s side)


Ramas-Mendezona siblings combined, we both come from big families.


Ramas- Mendezonas (complete version, haha)


with Marco’s parents


 …and my parents.


Our parents, the ones responsible for the man and woman Marco and I have become today. All your relationship advice and words of wisdom have resulted to this, the Long Distance Relationship Marco and I had would not have lasted without your guidance. Thank you for being the ones we can run to when we have a hard time understanding each other and thank you for showing us the beauty of love, patience, sacrifice and commitment. We are truly blessed to have you who love us unconditionally even with all our faults and failures. We love you both.


Oh, We’re Going to a Hukilau…

Since this was the same day as the Plato’s Closet sale, I was running 2.5 hrs late as was my bridal shower gift running 2.5 days late. <Sigh> I really need to get my stuff together but I did make it in time for the games which I failed miserably. Haha, sorry Kathleen. Everybody looked so lovely in their maxi, floral dresses with leis all over. These photos don’t do justice to the shower.

Me and Rachel with the bride-to be, Kathleen

The traditional Tissue Paper Bride Dress Contest. (thanks for the photo Marie Quiray)

The Bride-to-be opening her presents

Look who arrived the same time I did, in similar outfits too. Haha. I missed you  Danica.

Claudi and I messing with our grass skirts.

Luau ladies going gangsta. Haha. We got this—Mae, Marie and our newlywed, Josie.

We DO love our prints. Posing with Richelle and Claudia.

Awww…L-O-V-E. I can’t wait for the both of you to get hitched. Sweetness.


Since I only had 5 minutes to spare, I put on the quickest outfit that I could think of and rushed to the party. I grabbed the best “go-to” outfit for these kind of  events—a maxi dress and paired it with your basic neutral gladiators to tone down the “floral craziness”. Of course I had to show off the newest add-on to my #DIY head dress collection.

(DRESS: Floral; Wet Seal/ CLUTCH: gold; thrifted from Plato’s Closet/ SANDALS: Diba/ RINGS: Forever 21/ BANGLES: Charming Charlie/ HEADDRESS: my own creation)

A mixture of bohemian, Hawaiian, romantic and ethereal—yes, I’m confused sometimes.

Glad my head dress complemented the outfit

Champagne Gold Clutch

…because sometimes simple (less)  is more.


Lace on Lace

NOTE TO SELF: It would help to CLICK on the PUBLISH button. Haha.

So when I said on IG ‘new post up tomorrow’…ummm…yeah, that never happened so here it is. I do want to apologize for the pixelized photos. I’m not really sure what’s wrong with Reno (my Canon EOS) but he’s been messing up a lot lately so ugly pictures were taken during Charles and Ann’s wedding shower. Ugh.

(TOP: 5,7,9/ SKIRT: Weavers/ PURSE: Forever 21/ HEELS: Wet Seal/ NECKLACE: Philippines, from Mommy Babe / EARRINGS: Aldo/ WATCH: New York and Company/ BRACELETS: Forever 21, Buffalo Exchange; from Katsie)

Haven’t worn these 2 colors in awhile: Light Pink and Lilac—my two most favorite colors.

Gold: I’ve noticed is most of the time my -go-to jewelry. Polished in an instant.

Today’s statement necklace

Awkward feet pose but I had to show off the strappy details on my heels.

The bride-to be, Ann, starting the dress up the mannequin (blindfolded) game. Haha. This should be interesting.

The PRO, Roxi, at work. Haha, I’m kidding love.

Refusing to touch that scarily sculpted guy mannequin’s torso.

FAIL. Underwear on the wrong side. Haha.

Mmmhmm mane…the quickest one so far.

Muyi’s turn…she’s struggling too.

Ice, sooooo done with it!

And the winner is…JASNA.

Someone didn’t take her turn and decided to take a terno pic with Amil. Vynna and Amil flexing their…stripes. haha

Not only do I have a thing for Lace, I also have a thing for Chandeliers hence the photo

Wasted photos just coz Reno was sick, these photos are soooo blurry. What a great time to mess up. Tsk.tsk.

Almacens, I’m just gonna have to steal a copy from you guys. Thanks.


Rehearsals today were cancelled mainly because I think the director was satisfied with our run the night before, or maybe they had to fix some technical stuff with the stage. I don’t exactly remember but either ways I was just glad that I got today off. I made it to the HH at Claudia’s place (those are always fun) and right after that Vynna and I headed to Charles and Ann’s wedding shower which I really didn’t want to miss. Ecstatic that I made it coz all of the girls were there (well, except for Hessa ofcourse enjoying PI and all) and as usual we had a very interesting afternoon. It’s always a blast with this crazy bunch. Always.