A Baby Viking Shower

Surprise Dada!

I’m so glad we made it to Bacolod just in time for the surprise baby shower for this fellow¬†soon-to-be-mom—see the baby viking details below. (they’re so cute!)


Can’t wait to meet your little bundle of joy, Hans and Dada.


The baby viking cake. Awwww..


Adorable mini cupcakes


Pastel colored viking cookies


Cupcakes and Chocolate covered marshmallows inspired by How To Train Your Dragon


How cute are these baby viking and baby dragon cake pops


Pia’s cake was lemon goodness!


Last Minute DIY Baby Wishes










Opening of gifts



Everyone at the baby shower. ūüôā


A Pastel Baby Shower

A few hours after Eva’s 1st Birthday, we headed home. My in-laws were throwing us a baby shower/ going away party (despedida) and the mini-reunion pretty much continued in the comforts of our own home. As¬†if the goodies earlier weren’t more than enough, they had a whole new set of cupcakes, cake pops, cookies and a personalized cake just for Spriki, I mean Cassie. ūüėÄ Thanks mami for coming up with this get together and thanks Pauline for organizing this whole thing!


The cute little pastel invitation for the baby shower


Spriki’s little corner. Thanks Angel for putting up the party pom poms! ūüėÄ


Baby Pastel Goodies



The “Spriki” blocks just made this cake cuter than ever. I love this so much Pauline, thanks!


These cake pops remind me of baby blocks and baby rattles




Personalized Hand Sanitizer with Moisturizer were the giveaways for the baby shower. I still can’t get over the “Spriki”, haha. Aren’t these handy?


Let the games begin. ūüôā


Even the yarn they used for the game was pastel ūüôā


Guess the Girth Game


Sophia making her guess.¬†Hahaha…


Match the Baby Socks Game



George preparing the lechon yumminess


Thanks for all the presents ladies



And most importantly thanks for your presence



On one last note, balancing a cupcake on your belly is a talent. Haha.


Eva’s Ice Cream Party

This little baby decided to spend her 1st birthday here in the Philippines (Bacolod to be specific) and coincidentally Marco and I were really planning to be there around that time. It was quite a family affair, a mini reunion if I must say. Here are a few snippets from her Mint/ Baby Pink Themed Ice Cream Party. DROOL.

The Venue Set up (thanks Nans for the photo)

The Birthday Girl and her family— Tito Tommy, Rachel, Sophia and Eva

“All you need is Ice Cream”

Cute little frames with Eva’s photos as center pieces

The 2 “Pilars” hosting the event once more

“Make your own ice cream” stand

…And here’s Sophia showing off her creation

w/ Abu Viol this time around

I love this candid photo of Abu, Ninang Ito and Cali

The “Babies” Table. As you can see they’re busy coloring. ūüėÄ

Just had to take a photo.

Not only was this good, it was also in theme. Haha, Thanks Pia!

The mommy and the birthday girl

We had nowhere to hang the¬†patin…

Improvisation. The key is to have two tall guys hold up the pabitin for the kids, Hans and Nacho to the rescue.

Scurrying for candies, chocolates, coins and such

Standing (or should I say sitting) still in the chaos

Favorite tita Pica? Need I say more.

Handing out the give aways

Btw, thanks to Mariana Lopa and Angel Lopa for some of the photos! I can’t seem to figure out¬†where I saved my shots on the details of the party including the delectable invite. I’ll update this post once I get a hold of ’em.¬†Enjoy!


This Old House

The Old Gaston Mansion at Hacienda Rosalia, Manapla—an hour (or so) drive away from Bacolod city proper. My husband couldn’t believe that he’s never brought me here considering my family’s fascination over historical houses and such, so one fine day he finally took me¬†and I was beyond ecstatic. Thank you so much Tito Joey Gaston and family for allowing us to spend the afternoon scurrying about the premises of your ancestral home.

The child in me wanted to explore every nook and cranny of the house and my mind wandered off trying to imagine the lifestyle of the Old Gastons and what went about their daily lives. Every inch of that place was rich in history and full of character. Here are some of the photos I took with Reno, my Canon EOS1 and Marco’s iPad.


Trivia: This was the house that was used in the critically acclaimed film Oro Plata Mata in 1982 directed by Marco’s Tito Peque Gallaga.

My husband told me they used to play a lot in this shoe house when they were younger, so I’m guessing¬†there was no “Old Lady who lived in a shoe”. haha

The Gaston’s old pool—wide and deep.

Chapel of Cartwheels

This house of worship definitely has a very unique design which utilized tools from the farmers in the hacienda which clearly included cartwheels.

What I Wore:

(HAT: Icing/ TOP: white razorback; American Eagle/ SHORTS: floral rugged/SHOES: peptone wedges; Xappeal/ NECKLACE: mint statement necklace; Icing/ SUNGLASSES: Aussie wayfarers from Kuya JV/ BAG: vintage camera bag from Amazon)


There’s no science or any fancy¬†explanation on¬†today’s outfit, it was a hot, bright sunny day and I knew we were going to be walking about so I grabbed any Filipina’s¬†fashion staple—- shorts, tank top and open toed sandals or wedges, really easy, simple and comfortable. I merely¬†added a hat to block the sun’s violent rays and sunglasses to protect my eyes. Accessorize as you please, I opted for a pastel statement necklace.


Bacolod: Of Babies and Pigging Out

Dropped by Bacolod before flying back to Houston to¬†take a break from running wedding errands and also to see Marco’s family, especially the babies!!!

Seeing my adorable godson, Mateo, for the first time. Look at that handsome smile!

After eating, Diego memes (nap). He grabs a pillow, puts it on the floor and pretends to sleep, How cute is that?!?

Mateo, Diego and Yaya Diday joining me for breakfast.

Brotherly love. Probably like Marco and Nacho when they were kids. Awww….

So Pauline gave me the most recent episodes of Carrie Diaries and the first season of Reign to watch in my room and this little guy jumps up on my bed, lies down next to me with his little stash to nibble and he stays there and decides to keep me company the entire time. He’s such a palangga.

Date at Timezone with Little Diego.

He likes to play “the ducky”

He’s pretty good in basketball.

He likes playing with drums

And I think he’s already very eager to drive. Haha

Then I brought him to Payless and bought him those Spider Man shoes that lights up.

Ayala at Night.


When in Bacolod, you can’t help but try out a number of the food places they’re known for. Eating out is a must so we went to…

Manokan Country





(Try their Steak Salpicao)



…and last but not the least

I finally got to try Ohana Musubi’s Spam Musubi. It’s to die for..click on the link and check ’em out.

Little Paola with My flower girls Xime and Natya.

Mateo and Mikel

One last photo with this happy baby, Ninang will miss you so much.

Thanks so much Mendezonas for having me. See you in a few months at the wedding!

Here’s a video of Diego on my first day in Bacolod. ūüôā