Less is More

Katsie’s last night in Houston and we had a small despedida dinner at Genghi’s Grill—yesss, Mongolian food, I feel like it’s been forever since I last had that.

A hint of domestication: laundry bin and pots spotted..haha.

I conjured up my own recipe and it turned out perfectly fine. Mmmm…

Katsie and the Ramases

Supposedly a picture of Katsie with the Ramas girls. I’m not sure why John was in the picture.

All done and ready to go

Pau and Katsie with the Posadas(es) and Costanillas

with Ian, Jerico, Jo and Rad

Group Photo. They all made it even if they live an hour-drive away…y’all are the sweetest.


What I wore to the despedida:

(TOP: striped spaghetti, SM Department Store/ PANTS: high-waist button cigarette pants, from Cebu/ BLAZER: jersey sheet material, Forever 21/ SHOES: gold pointed, Image, $6.00/ PURSE: snake skin print, from tita Joy and tito Berns/ EARRINGS: thrifted, $0.50/ BANGLES: Forever 21)

Someone iron my pants, please? Haha

Keeping it simple: sticking to closet basics and adding a touch of gold

Accessory Details

Awkward Feet

That Go-to messy bun

Forgive the pants, they clearly are in dire need of ironing but this outfit was something I came up with last minute. It was one of those days…I didn’t think the dinner was going to be held outside our house. I completely thought that my brother was gonna come up with something special at home for Katsie and I could just comfortably wear my pajamas to dinner. Apparently not, I came home from work and was almost convinced to not change and just wear my scrubs out but I did think it through and I realized that we were going to be taking a bunch of pictures so I grabbed the first thing that came into my head: a striped spaghetti strap that I usually wear as an undershirt, unironed high waist pants and a casual blazer that just needed to be finished up so I could throw it in the laundry. And so as not to feel so bad about my outfit, I threw in a pair of gold pointy shoes and I think that did it. With no makeup on and with my hair up in a messy bun, I headed downstairs and the first thing my mom told me was : You look nice. Then I smiled —that was all I needed, an affirmation from my mother. It may or may not be true but with those 3 words I walked out of that house feeling less crappy about what I wore. Thanks for the ego-boost mom. Haha.

How do moms do that? They know what you need even before you ask for it. Just a thought…


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