Some Things Never Get Old

Almost there….2nd to the last person to get there. Apparently Claudia topped me. Haha.

Was running late and got stuck in that unpredictable Houston traffic. And I thought it was jus the weather that was unpredictable.

Some of my first friends ever here in Houston. It’s been 5 years ladies.

Christie, Mae and that awesome chocolate-alcoholic drink that I didn’t get coz I chose my usual white wine.

Most fashionable doctor I know. Dr. Ona.

Whew, I almost came in fur too…

Found rolls without shrimps. Yay! I’m not risking my allergies tonight.

Obviously happy with my selection.

The birthday girl, Christie, and her favorite on the menu. Btw, she says there’s a way to eat this and she will gladly tell you how. Haha.

Oh, just the usual girl thing…taking banyo shots.

You know those type of friends that you don’t see for years and years, but when you do it’s like no years have passed..I’m very blessed to have found a bunch of those here in Houston. I can’t believe the last time I celebrated Christie’s birthday was in this same exact restaurant a few years ago and that was when I came back from my 7-month stay in the Philippines. Nothings changed…maybe we’re all older, slimmer but definitely the warmth and the friendship is still thesame, maybe even better.

What I wore to Rattan Bistro:

(TOP: Sheer, Cotton On, $5/ LEGGINGS: Synthetic leather, Wet Seal/ SHOES: Qupid/ PURSE: from Africa/ NECKLACE: <matching with earrings>, from Mommy Babe, Philippines/ BRACELETS: Studded leather, F21; Saint Bracelet, Las Vegas; Chain Studs; from Katsie, Buffalo Exchange/ RING: H&M)

Looking a bit slim thanks to my loose top on fitted leggings.

Fell in love with white and black contrast of the front and back


New addition to my arm candy from Katsie; she thrifted it from Buffalo Exchange.

Cheap Finds for $7 at the West Oaks Mall

I’ll be getting more of these from Africa…one day. I love the beaded sling.


…I’m hoping the black with a dab of orange here and there didn’t throw you off, It’s NOT Halloween inspired mind you. Haha. Catch you later Houston!


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